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Kotimi was born in Tokyo and lives in France, the country to which she had long been passionate. As a child, she did not draw much, but she has always loved illustrated books. The birth of her two children was an opportunity to embark on the creation of books. After her studies specializing in illustration and comics, in 2016, she was awarded at the international illustration contest of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy, which allowed her to start as a young illustrator after her 50th birthday.

She multiplies books since:
In 2016, her first book « Minnano Akaihon » Art Days, Japan. Then a collective album « S’aimer » A pas de loups, Belgium.
In 2017, two books : « Tu me lis cette histoire » and « Mon dinosaure s’appelle Darwin », written by Didier Lévy, Rue du Monde, France. Plus a collective album of Japanese tales « Mukashi Mukashi » Franco Cosimo Panini, Italy.

And also her exhibitions:
2 Solo exhibitions at gallery Doux Dimanche, Tokyo and at gallery Arai, Kobé, Japan. And a collective exhibition of etchings at gallery L’Art à la Page, Paris.


2016  Award for Excellence, The Bologna Children’s Book Fair

You can contact me: kotimi@free.fr

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